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Natural Stone Ring or Engineered Stone Ring? Which one is Best for You!!

Significance of Natural Stones

There are different number benefits of wearing natural stones, varying from one gem to another. Every stone holds a different significance and an unusual power within itself, and it can amazingly transmit its energy to the wearer. In many cases, rings made out with natural stones are used as a treatment to certain negative vibes, as these stones give energy and strength to the bearer. This startling concept of using natural stones in rings goes way back into history, that still in the modern age is immensely popular, and people have faith in it.

Professional designers like Joseph George Jewellery recommends some of the benefits of wearing natural stone rings, concerning some favourite gems,

1 Amber

This beautiful bright and glistening, honey coloured gem hold some amazing benefits within. Amber helps in clearing depression, stimulates calmness within your mind and body, and is highly protective against negative vibes. Amber is known to have protective characteristics against psychic attacks. This stone attains healing qualities and balance out your emotions, ease your stress and keep you away from anxiety.

2 Emerald

Emerald is an amazingly powerful gemstone, as it has been used for strengthening of immune system, healing of respiratory tract, increasing liver function, strengthening of eyesight, recovery from various infections, and detoxification of blood. Emerald grows peace, harmony, love, and patience within one’s self. This stone is not only beautiful but also is a general healer.

3 Pearls

Tiny little sparkling pearl not only looks stunning, subtle, and elegant as any jewellery, but this incredible natural beauty also imparts purity, serenity, wisdom, focus, concentration, and integrity.

4 Amethyst

This lustrous stone of elegant beauty and sparkling grandeur is associated with two amazing qualities of selflessness and healing. Amethyst is also called as “metamorphosis” or the stone of transformation by some. This aristocratically beautiful stone is also linked with spirituality, inner peace, nobility, self-control, positive change, and psychic abilities.

5 Diamond

The most stunning, royal and much-loved stone of all, diamond. It gives victory, power, and royalty to the bearer. Surely the most favourite choice of every girl.

Variety and Significance of Engineered Stone

1 Synthetic Diamond

Diamonds made chemically in the lab are called as synthetic diamonds, artificial diamonds,  cultivated diamonds, lab created, cultured diamonds, or laboratory grown diamonds. Most commonly known as and sold under the name of synthetic diamonds, these engineered stones are chemical, optically and physically identical to natural diamonds. These synthetically made diamonds are approximately 15- 20% less expensive than natural diamonds.

Synthetic diamond has more clarity than the natural diamond because synthetic diamonds are created through a well-controlled process in an isolated environment. So, if your wish to get a diamond with the same chemical and natural properties but in fewer rates, then go for the synthetic diamond.

You can easily have a clearer, finer and flawless synthetic diamond in very less price, and you don’t have to pay an enormous amount for expensive diamond.

2 Diamond Simulant

Diamond Simulants are not at all anywhere near natural diamonds, but surely they look the same to the naked eye and reflect same beauty, aura, and splendour. Diamond simulants are least expensive and the most affordable of all, as these engineered gemstones are cheaper than both synthetic and natural diamonds.

Diamond simulants are particularly crafted with an approximate flawless finish and colourless clarity. These stones can be crafted in any shape, style, or design as natural diamonds. The most amazing thing is that these cheaper stones are impossible to distinguish from natural diamonds with the naked eye.

In addition to that, as these diamond simulants are not created with carbon, but have same optical characteristics as natural diamonds, these engineered stones will not have any imperfections, visible impurities or inclusions.

3 Three Stone Diamond Rings

For unmatchable elegance, sheer vibrancy and unique style, three stone diamond rings are the best of all. Choose any diamond, in various sizes, shapes, and carats, and go for three stone diamond ring. Nothing can go wrong with this beauty. It adds a startling elegance and passionately romantic approach to a relationship like nothing else.

All gemstones, either natural or engineered have a lifetime guarantee. Now, this is entirely up to personal preferences and desires to what to choose. Diamonds are surely a preferable stone for engagement or wedding rings. If you want something extraordinary and do not wish to compromise on the price than a natural diamond is the best gem to go for. Whereas, keeping things economical and affordable diamond simulant gives you the best quality and unimaginable elegance to your wedding or engagement ring. On the other hand, some people like to wear natural stones, suiting to their personality. For that matter, a wide range of natural stones is available having so many beneficial characteristics.